Cirque du Soleil Show Dubai

Discussion in 'United Arab Emirates' started by clickclick2, Nov 16, 2009.

  1. clickclick2

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    hi guys,

    has anyone heard of the Cirque du Soleil Shows and can someone tell me when the Cirque du Soleil Show Dubai is expected to begin and what will it involve?

  2. Ruby

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    hi there,

    The unique Cirque du Soleil show Dubai is expected to begin in 2011 on Palm Jumeirah.

    A prelude show will be performed beginning in 2009 in the form of the famous world-touring Alegria show. With phenomenal acrobatics, stunning theatrical effects, mime, and modern dance, each breathtaking Cirque show a one-of-a-kind blend of cirque, spectacle, music, and dance, with a unique theme and soundtrack.

    Alegria, for example, is a show with darker music and lighting than past Cirque du Soleil productions, geared towards expressing the show"s theme of power abuse and consequent struggles for freedom.

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