claustrophobic on a cruise ship?

Discussion in 'Cruises' started by queremos, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. queremos

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    I'll be on a first time cruise and I am not a big fan of enclosed spaces. Does anyone think I'll feel claustrophobic on a cruise ship? what about motion sickness?
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    On a cruise ship, you can't never really escape the rocking motion, though, I know for a fact that the middle of the ship is best rather than the front or back of the ship, so I'd suggest booking your cabin in the middle of the ship.

    Another cruise tip regarding sea-sickness it's to bring motion sickness pills so you won't have to buy them on board, if you ever need them.

    Feeling claustrophobic on ship? You can feel claustrophobia on a ship usually on the cabin. So, if you're cabin is very small or if you're cabin is an inside one, you'd feel it most. If you are booked in inside one, plan to spend a lot of time on the outside!
  3. The Travel Slut

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    Your concerns are understandable but with today's cruiseships, claustrophobia and even motion sickness are things of the past in 99% of cases.

    In over 50 cruises, I've only seen motion sickness occurances in 3 cruises--and one the claim was motion sickness but I think that excessive drinking the night before was the primary cause.

    Book a room in the lower middle of the ship if you are concerned and obtain a prescription for motion sickness pills/patches if you are really concerned. Stabilizers on ships today work wonders......

    As for tight spaces, the ships today are spacious and even cabins are set up to give the illusion of extra space--especially interior rooms with mirrors but many opt for outside rooms with big bay windows,,,,or like me, I prefer outside cabins with balconies and verandah's for even more space. Lots of options there.

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