club med punta cana vs club med ixtapa

Discussion in 'Hotels' started by ezzexgal, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. ezzexgal

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    im planning a family trip this summer to a resort that offers kid supervision options and it seems that Club Med Punta Cana and Club Med Ixtapa do offers this. We have never been to either hotel or, in fact, either locale and are looking for some insight.

    Can anyone offer any suggestion as to which might be better and why?
  2. wendie67

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    I've been to both Club Meds in Punta Cana and Ixtapa, and I'd say that club med Ixtapa is better family resort though the beach resort is better at Punta Cana. Apart from that, everything about Club Med Ixtapa is miles better.

    By the way, you could also choose the Franklyn D. Resort in Jamaica. It's very expensive, but they do have good kid's supervision facilities and you are assigned a nanny.
  3. locknessmonst

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    club med punta cana

    I think you club med punta cana will be best for you because of the many families you will meet there. If your hubby is a keen golfer there is the Cana course and Corales course though they're a bit pricey.

    The Kids Club is not bad as my youngest son enjoyed going for most of the holiday, though most of the children attending are French speaking. Btw, if you have kids in the mini-club, I recommend asking for a room closer to them.


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