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Discussion in 'Colorado' started by fisher, May 5, 2007.

  1. fisher

    fisher New Member

    i'm planning on making a trip out to colorado sometime this summer. anyone got a suggestion for the best month to go fly fishing and if there are any cabins?
  2. everyann

    everyann Guest

    Hey there fisher,

    I would recommend Colorado fly fishing in the Colorado Blue River. Here you'll find an enormous population of rainbow and brook trout. You may also want to look into South Platte River. Definitely an abundance of sih and easy access. The surrounding environment is great!
  3. jimmy46

    jimmy46 New Member

    I travel to the Colorado Springs area a lot. Is there any good fishing in that area?
  4. wcptraveler

    wcptraveler New Member

    give tarryall creek a try....pretty decent
  5. zaolee

    zaolee New Member

    To determine the best time to be on the water fishing, with any level of reliability the key lies with two forces of Mother Nature. Specifically, the weather and moon. The weather and moon have a lot to due with the best time to be on the water fishing.
    Have you ever had one of those epic days fishing, where t seemed like you could do no wrong?
    The truth is that it probably had to due with the weather and moon both being in your favor, and you fishing at this "perfect time" without realizing it.
    For example, you should always be on the water during two phases of the moon (one of them being when the moon is full). When there's a full moon, fish are much more active, and thus much more apt to bite! There are simple rules that pertain to both the weather and moon and fishing that you as an angler need to be aware of. There are other simple rules for the weather, just like being on the water when the moon is full.
  6. mountaingal

    mountaingal New Member

    I have been told that the best time to fly fish in Colorado is late spring, after runoff is over, or late summer when all the bugs are out. All the Texans know that Lake City in SW Colorado is THE destination for fishing, as three rivers converge there. Having lived in Colorado all my life, I've never heard that before, but it's common knowledge that Texans flock to Lake City.
    You can find cabins in any number of locations to stay in. Try looking online with the search: Colorado Lake City cabins and see what pops up.

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