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    The Roman Colosseum has been a travel destination for millennia, but today's visitors have the unique opportunity to tour more of the wonder than ever before. Some of the underground passageways have been added to the tour opportunities, as has the third-floor parapet. The Colosseum is also getting a makeover of sorts. It's being cleaned from top to bottom and given permanent lighting.
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    colosseum underground italy

    this is true about the addition of more underground levels on the tour as well as the "third ring", but the only is that you can only be visit it in a group (up to 26 people per group) accompanied by a guide. There is also a cost of 9 Euro, in addition to the regular combo ticket at 13 Euro.

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    booking colosseum underground tours

    im actually in the process of booking a trip to Rome with my husband for the summer... can you tell me how to book the ticket? what if I wanted to book for July, is that possible?
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    booking colosseum in advance

    you can book tickets in advance but you wuld have to pay by credit card at the time of booking. If you wanted to book for July. the charges will be as follows: €13 ticket to see the Colosseum/Palatine/Forum, €9 for the guided tour of the underground and third floor, and €2 booking fee.

    After you book, they will send you an email confirmation number which you have to present at the Colosseum window.

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    It looks like you can find a lot of tour companies that will give tickets (and allow you that groups-only access). Or you could directly to the Colosseum's website and order the tickets. Buying tickets ahead of time will save you having to wait in line once you arrive. It's available at .
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    I went to the colosseum a few years ago. It was amazing. I love the movie Gladiator, so it was cool to be there and envision what it once was!
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    Hypogeum tours

    anyone traveling to Italy should know that it's very possible that this year there won't be a chance to see the underground level reopened because of ongoing restorations that started last year in October. They said it would be only temporary ( 2-3 weeks) but in Rome when they say temporary they mean eternal (lol)
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    I went to Colosseum last year. It is the amazing city among them, which are I visited.

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