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    Other than rich historic culture, what is that, sets Delhi apart – mouth watering street food. Yes, you read it right. Delhi is paradise for foodies. When you walking on the roads of Delhi, you are sure to remain unbothered by hunger, as the streets are full of irresistible food items that are worth trying. Here is a quick list of some of the specialities of Delhi that you must try, when in the city.

    This spicy, yummy Chaat can be found in every nook and corner of the city. However, Chandni Chok is the best place to try it out. Besides, Chaat there are plenty of other options for street food in Chandni Chok. Other places where this mouth watering dish can be tried out are UPSC building, Shahjahan Road and Karol Bagh.


    Thanks to Mughals who introduced kababs to us. These grilled chunks of meat or fish marinated in aromatic Indian spices are just amazing. But the word “kabab” does not put a barrier for vegetarians. Delhiites are more innovative than one can think. Vegetarians can try “Soya kababs”, which are far more delicious than you can imagine. Go to Connaught place, Sufdarjung Development area, Jama Masjid, Khan Market, Rajouri Garden or Tilak Nagar; these places are flooded with variety of kababs.
    Chole Bhature


    Though this is a dish from Punjab, but it has become a popular dish in Delhi. Chole Bhature are served in Breakfast menu. So if you want to try this out go to Karol Bagh, Paharganj, Bangali market or Kamla Nagar; although, this dish is available everywhere in the city. Chole bhature can be best enjoyed when accompanied with a glass of Lassi (Butter Milk).


    Gol-Gappas are commonly known as Pani-puri in Mumbai, Puchka in Kolkatta and Patashi in Rajsathan. But the flavour that Gol-gappas of Delhi offers will make forget all other variants of it. Don’t forget to ask for that extra piece of dahi papdi to ease your blazing tongue after eating Gol-gappas
    Kachori with Sabzi


    This extra spicy and hot dish from Uttar Pradesh may bring tears to your eyes. Kachori with Sabzi is garnished with Pudina or Dhaniya chatni that gives a tingling taste to the dish. Kachori with Sabzi is more popular in areas like Hanuman Mandir in CP, Jung Bahadur in Chandni Chowk Metro, Kamla Nagar Market, Lajpat Nagar, Pitampura and Khan Market.


    After a lot of spicy dishes, let’s not forget most famous sweet Dish of Delhi- Kulfi. The crumbs of trampled dry fruits and thick texture of caramelized milk makes your tongue calmer and cooler. Dip the kulfi in mixture of rabri or top up with faluda, and you will experience its awesomeness to another level. Kulfi is a part of menu of every small or popular eating joint, all over the city.
    Now that you know some of the most famous dishes of Delhi, it is time to head out and quench your taste buds.

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    In picture all dish are looking so yummy.Agra is another good place for foods . it is specially famous for Agra's petha. And there are so many famous dish to eat Bedai and Jalebi.
  3. Delhi food is so delicious. You can really feel the real taste of India there. All dishes are looking very good.
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    Thats looking yoummy.:p:p:p:p:p

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