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    If you're looking for something cool to add to your itinerary for a trip to Mexico this winter, check out some of the concerts in Cancun that are on schedule. Many Cancun resorts are hosting high-profile performers, and these concerts are sure to be a blast, which is great for anyone heading to Cancun.

    Jon Secada will be at Palace Resorts on February 14, and Enrique Iglesias will perform at Palace Resorts on March 10; tickets are complimentary for some guests who've booked a minimum five- or seven-night stay, so check with your hotel if you're interested. Oasis Hotels & Resorts is also starting a series of concerts that include Gloria Gaynor (of "I Will Survive" fame), Kelly Rowland, and Wiz Khalifa; tickets to resort guests are 50% off.
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    list of concerts in Cancun for spring break

    just reminding peeps to keep in mind spring break when going to Cancun in March/April...Im hearing it's going to be an even wilder spring break in Cancun this year because of all the concerts. Here it's some more:

    Feb 28th : DJ David Morales

    March 2th : DJ Frankie Knuckles

    March 6th : Something for your mind
    DJ Skribble / DJ Castro / DJ Ruff

    March 7th : Vintage Ibiza
    DJ Sebastian Gamboa

    March 8th Space Ibiza World Tour :
    Tour Party : DJ Camilo Franco

    March 9 th WIZ KHALIFA

    March 13th DJ Hector Romero

    March 16th : Armand Van Helden

    March 20 th : Defected in the House
    ATFC / RAE / Shovel

    March 23 th : Kelly Rowland

    March 27 th : Ciel NY Party
    DJ Wilie Graff

    March 29 th : Amnesia Ibiza Party
    DJ Mar-T

    March 30 th : PITBULL

    March 31 th : Privilege Ibiza World Tour
    DJ Oriol Calvo
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    MTV Cancun spring break

    im already planning a trip down there with some peeps..hoping this this year is gonna be better than last though by looking at the line-up of dj's is looking that way;) oh by the way, nyone knows if MTV is gonna be there for spring break?
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    MTV Mexico spring break

    it doesn't look that way...MTV said that they wont be going back to mexico until the violence dies down (violence dying down???). The reason apparently was because MTV did Acapulco last year and there was mass amounts of violence during spring break.
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    going to Cancun for SB

    thanks for the heads's a shame because spring break on MTV was something I was looking forward to every year. They had the craziest games and the best shows.
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    MTV’s spring break 2012 will be held at…

    This year's location for MTV’s spring break will be held in Las Vegas between March 20th- 22nd at Palms Casino Resort. be sure to wear your best pool-party as your likely to be caught on camera by MTV, MTV2, and mtvU.
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    MTV isn't in Cancun

    im glad that MTV isn't in Cancun anymore...I wished though they chose a different location rather than the usual suspects. Still, I think it was a wise move by MTV to host it in the States this time around because Mexico is hotting up!
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    loving it that it's gonna be held in Vegas..yeah baby! also, over 21's can book with StudentCity and gain access to the after parties, and you will also get a wristband that will allow you an opportunity to sit up front and center for MTV’s concerts!

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