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  1. cliffdex

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    we'll be going to contadora island on Jan 31 but just had our Aeroperlas flight cancelled! It seems the island's airstrip will be closed form Jan 15 for several months. I've heard there is a "high speed" ferry from Panama City or Balboa. Does anyone have any info on this or any other way to get to the island?

    Thanks, Cliff
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    Yes, there is a regular hydrofoil ferry service available from the docks in Balboa to Contadora Island. It takes 2-3 hours to reach and the fare starts from $4. It's a better way than the flight and you can spend a full day at the wonderful beaches of Contadora Island, snorkel a while and explore the beauty of the island. From Panama City, ferry boats depart twice daily to Contadora Island. Contadora Island is a real paradise with many things to do , and excursions by jet-ski or boat can be arranged to visit other islands such as Pacheca Island, so have a wonderful time at Contadora Island.
  3. cliffdex

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    found out there's a new service: the Panama Pearl- 149 passenger ferry that leaves from Isla Perico on the Amador Causeway twice a day. Cost is $40 each way and it only takes 1 hour 15 minutes! Check it out at
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    Panama Pearl is bogus! Wasn't economical to run so they've been using 30 and 50 passenger speedboats once a day and not at all if seas are rough. Trip was exciting to say the least. Good news is that they're working on the airstrip and it should be open by summer.

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