coolest things to do in El Salvador

Discussion in 'El Salvador' started by vitoriam, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. vitoriam

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    What amazes me about Salvadorans is that they do whatever it takes to make a living. They walk miles, ride buses and sell, even from their homes in the barrios, they have a little cateen. Taking a ride on one of those colorful school buses that operate in town and up and down the Pan-American highway was one of the coolest things I did in Salvador..what about you?
  2. wayneroonet

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    Salvadorians and latin americans in general a hard working bunch. What's surprising is how friendly and how much dignity these people have despite their hardships. Some of us back home could learn a few things from them, particularly on how to be resourceful.
  3. Qatuo98j

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    A few more to add: zip gliding through the treetops of San Salvador, exploring Joya de Ceren Archeologist Site, diving and kayaking in Coatepeque. Oh, if you into surfing, best you head to Las's meant to be the best spot for surfing in the country.

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