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Discussion in 'Denmark' started by udontget4, Mar 4, 2014.

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    Ways to get from Copenhagen to Kiel include taxi, car rental and train. If you choose to do this trip by car, it will take around 4 hrs and cost over $1000 by taxi (pricey) plus the $70 toll fee for crossing the Great Belt Bridge. I would personally travel by train because Danish trains have a good level of comfort,and the trip will be faster. The train ride from Copenhagen to Kiel isn't direct though. You will need to change in Flensburg.
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    Yep, There are currently no direct flights nor ferries from Copenhagen to Kiel, so your options are by road or train, though not bus as there are no direct bus lines. The train ride takes about 6 hours and a round trip ticket will cost around 130 euros, though if you book in advance you can enjoy some savings.
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    I did this route 3 years ago by car and train and if i remember well it cost me something like 180 euro for a 2nd class seat. Driving this route was nice too but you have to consider either the bridge tolls or the ferry Puttgarden-Rodby because as it's been stated there is no ferry from Denmark to Kiel.

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