Copper Canyon train tour

Discussion in 'Mexico' started by wanderer, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. wanderer

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    I ran across this tour idea the other day, and I about made a reservation that second until I looked at my bank account...anyway...a train tour of the Copper Canyon sounds like a charming and wonderful way to explore Mexico. A trip aboard the Chihuahua Pacific Railway is a fantastic way to soak in the scenery and really go off the beaten path.
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    I saw the Copper Canyon on a youtube video and I thought I had to explore it myself. Chepe Railroad is the most spectacular train ride I'd ever done in North America in terms of both scenery and marvels of engineering. It cost me around $160 last year but it was worth the money in my opinion.
  3. backfro8

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    Chepe train tour along the Copper Canyon

    The journey on the Chepe Railway is one of the best in Mexico. Along the way the Chepe passes through many small towns where you can get off to spend a little time. The biggest highlight for me though was the Copper Canyon (Mexico's answer to the Grand Canyon). You are allowed to get off at Copper Canyon and spend some time hiking and enjoying this remarkable series of ravines and gorges.
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    looks like an interesting place to visit.
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    Copper Canyon train ride best in world

    Chepe Railroad is one of the most spectacular and scenic train rides in the world in terms of both scenery and marvels of engineering. Even more spectacular than the Trans-Siberian, and the Bernina Express I think.

    Definitely recommend it to anyone looking to tour northern Mexico and amazing scenery...btw, for the best views, sit on the right side of the train from El Fuerte to Chihuahua.
  6. wanderer

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    How long does the ride take? I suppose that it depends on how many layovers you take. I've seen a few vacation packages that include overnight stays, but what would you recommend?

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