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  1. sportyleah

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    We are snorkelers and not divers. Can anyone lend any advice on which hotel / beach we should stay at on the Corn Islands (big or little) where we could walk out of our hotel room straight into the ocean for excellent snorkeling?
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    hi there,

    How much is your budget? how long you are staying there and when are you traveling?

  3. sportyleah

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    Hi, we're on a modest budget (somewhere between a hostel and a 5-star resort would be fabulous). We're hoping to stay the last two weeks of April and are planning on staying 1 week in Granada and 1 week on the Corn Islands. We're very open to other suggestions if you think another timeframe would work better.
    : )
  4. Ruby

    Ruby Guest

    hi again,

    As you intend to do some snorkeling, the North End and Sally Peaches both offer stunning beaches, and beautiful corals to explore.

    Another thing to note is that the Big Corn Island has paved roads and the way most people get around in the island is on a bike or taxis which are inexpensive.

    In the other hand, Little Corn Island lacks roads, cars, and electricity is only available during certain hours, and most of the island’s surface is covered with forest.

    Wherever you choose to go in the Corn Islands, diving and snorkeling opportunities are plentiful as the reef is located around both islands.

    Accommodation-wise, Casa Iguana and Hospedaje Tropical Dreams are two examples of lodging there.

    For Granada hotels and info, you can check out...

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