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    If you're planning a trip to Vegas with friends, or even if you're going alone or as a couple and you have the funds, renting a cabana at the pool for a day or two may be a really cool option for you. They are rather pricey, especially at the most exclusive hotels, and the rates are anywhere from $75 to $1000 a day, and most of these rates include beverages, snacks, a television, and plenty of space for company. Pools in Las Vegas are abundant, and most of them offer the cabana luxury option for any guest who foots the bill. Bally's begins at $100, and compared to the $250 cabanas at Bellagio where you'll find plenty of conveniences and amenities, they tend to look pretty basic, but they're still great for shade and some other amenities. Caesar's kicks it up a notch at $425, and at the highest end of the spectrum, Rio All-Suites offers theirs for $1000, where you get tip top service in just about any department.
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    Vegas Pool Cabanas

    hey bmd, renting a cabana seems like a bit of an indulgence since for those prices you could easily rent a nice lovely room, though I guess it would make sense if you’re planning on a whole day at the pool with the family or friends.

    Im curious...Do you know if you have to be a hotel guest to reserve a cabana? and, are you allow to invite anyone who isn't staying at the hotel?
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    Palms Pool Cabanas

    pool cabanas are pricey but worth the money in my opinion because in the Vegas the sun really burns so having something over your head is great! I think the more popular pool parties are charging $1,000+ for a Cabana for the whole day. Saying this, the Palms Pool has an offer at the moment for an $150 cabana for the whole day, which is an amazing offer.
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    Cabanas can seem very pricey, but if you have a large group of friends joining you, then the price will become watered down, so to speak, since you can split it into more friendly sums. Also, if you're having a special party, like a bachelor or bachelorette party, it'll be something you might want to consider for a splurge. Anyway, usually, you don't have to be a guest of the hotel to rent the Las Vegas pool cabana. Some casinos require an entrance fee to the pool, separate from any fees of the hotel, so the entire package would, then, be separate, and any guest of the casino, passer by, or guest of the hotel, as long as the fees are paid, are welcome to enjoy the facilities of the pool area.
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