Costa Rica's Volcano eruption

Discussion in 'Costa Rica' started by RobZilla, Mar 16, 2015.

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    If you weren't aware Costa Rica's Turrialba volcano erupted a few days ago producing huge amounts of ash that have covered Costa Rica’s central valley including Juan Santamaría airport in San José. As far as I know, the airport is opened, though a lot of evacuations have been taking place. I wold advise consulting your local Costa Rican embassy if you're planning to travel to Costa Rica on vacation.
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    yes this happened inside Turrialba Volcano National Park...luckily for Costa Rica it's the dry season so tourism is kinda slow. By the way, ash reached not only San Jose, but also the provinces of Alajuela, Limon, and Heredia. I wonder if other volcanoes in the country like Poas volcano will erupt too...
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    Today the Volcano presented an earthquake activity and probably it will erupt again according to the specialists. If you are in Costa Rica don't be afraid and try to enjoy instead.
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    I just heard the Villarrica Volcano in southern Chile is expelling gas and ash into the atmosphere as we speak. If this volcano erupts like Costa Rica's one it will affect the tourist resort of Pucon.

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