Cotopaxi National Park

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    There are many beautiful sights in Ecuador and Cotapaxi is definitely one of the prettiest sights you'l ever see. You can visit this place with an organized tour, or you can hire a guide while at the park (costs around $40). I recommend hiring a 4x4 car. From Quito, it takes about 2 hrs to get there. Once at the park, it takes about 40 mins drive to get to Cotopaxi.
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    getting to Cotopaxi National Park

    You can also get there by public bus, though they're not allowed to enter the Cotopaxi National Park. The nearest town the bus stops is Lasso, though you can get off before then if you want. In that case, you could hitchhike or flag a taxi down to take you to the park. Otherwise, the other alternatives are hiring a private van from Quito, or join a mountaineering tour which includes transportation between Quito and the park.
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    Anyone going to Cotopaxi for hiking/climbing the summit should know that the refugio is currently being expanded so it's closed. This means there are no bathrooms available. Good luck to anyone coming down to climb - it's an awesome challenge!

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