Cow races?

Discussion in 'Switzerland' started by wanderer, Oct 13, 2012.

  1. wanderer

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    So, I heard an off-handed comment that there's cow races in Switzerland. I was wondering if anyone knows more about this Swiss tradition? Do you know where and when they're held? What's the story behind cow races in Switzerland?
  2. morningdatr

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    Cow racing in Switzerland

    this is true's really funny to see a cow race. you can see them every year in October in Flumserberg in the Alp cheese market on the alpine slope of Tannenboden. If you go you will also get to taste and buy fresh cheese from the dairymen and see live demonstrations.. it's really fun the whole event and best of all kids can have fun too. They set up a bouncy castle, chilren's zoo and a children playground.
  3. wanderer

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    Thanks for answering my question, morningdatr. It would be really funny to see them. And I wouldn't mind enjoying some of that great cheese. It's an important part of the Swiss dining scene.
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    mud cow racing

    I saw mud cow racing while visiting the remote village of Tanah Datar in west sumatra. It's a tradition, they've being doing for hundreds of years most communities out in sumatra still practice. Interesting to learn that in Switzerland some people also do such traditional activity. Nowadays in the US, all you see is trucks for mud racing.

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