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Discussion in 'Bolivia' started by wayneroonet, May 16, 2013.

  1. wayneroonet

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    A few friends of mine have recently been to Bolivia after crossing from Peru so thought to share this advice to any Americans trying to get in the country. I strongly recommend not to wait till you get to the border to get a visa. Make sure you bring copies of our passports, passports photos and crisp money bills with no rips.
  2. JK.Roudy

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    Yep, this is because they will think you're bringing in counterfeit money. I suggest getting new bills from a curencu kiosk or bank before you head into Bolivia. As far as crossing the border into Bolivia by road, you will want to do it from Puno because it only takes less than 6 hrs, it's the cheapest option, and you’ll get to see the stunning shoreline of Lake Titicaca as you go around;)
  3. WaxxPoetic

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    If you're from europe you do not need a visa to enter Bolivia but as an americans you must purchase a visa at the border. It cost around $135 (in cash). Bring passport photos and a yellow fever certificate too because it may be required. Oh, the border is open from 8am – 6pm, and keep an eye for scammers.
  4. JenniferB

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    When I went to Bolivia I entered from Brazil. I was pretty straight forward to get the visa at the border.

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