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    Visiting the beaches is one of the things to do in St Kitts on a one day cruise. The most popular beaches to visit for a day are Frigate Bay, South Friars Beach and Cockleshell Beach. the nearest beach to St Kitts port is Frigate Bay which is about 10 minutes from the cruise ship terminal. Taxi fare to any of these beaches should not cost you more than $30.
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    The cruise-ship terminal is about 5 minute walk from the downtown area so you can easily go it alone and explore without the need of a taxi. If want to go to Nevis, remember it takes about 45 minutes to get there. if you can do it it's worth it, especially since a round-trip ticket is only $20.
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    nicest beach in Nevis

    yes, Frigate Bay and South Friars Bay are nice but watch out because just like the beaches on that side of the island (southeast coast) they have strong currents. For me, the most beautiful beach was Pinney's Beach, which is 4 miles long and located on Nevis.

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