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  1. ninitodon

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    what are the major concerns when traveling on a cruise for the first time, do i need insurance? what other safety tips can you give me please?
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    hi there,

    Cruise ship sickness is one of the major concerns. If you're on a cruise for the first time, you'll usually feel nausea symptoms accompanied by headaches or other discomforts like stomach aches.

    Motion sickness does get better after a couple of days on the cruise, after which time your body adjusts and the cruise sickness subsides.

    If you find yourself experiencing cruise ship sickness, try to drink as much water as this will help with the nausea and cruise sickness.

    Health Insurance is also important so make sure you purchase yours before you set sail. It is a good idea to check directly with your domestic health care provider to find out whether or not your insurance will cover you while traveling.

    Hope this helps
  3. BlackEyes

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    Sailing sickness is one of the major concerns, better to bring medicines with you in your first time..Getting yourself an insurance will be great idea, if everything happen at least you are insured..
  4. jijaybajay

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    yes, seasickness is the major issue but I hear ginger helps.
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    Well, although sea sickness is very common to first time and even experienced cruisers, and it is unavoidable, there are on board facilities and professionals that aids the passengers for this condition. I do remember cruising and being sea sick for a few hours, but the vessel has an on board doctor and nurse and a clinic where you can rest and they will take care of yah..quite an awesome experience BTW,
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    As mentioned in most of the posts here, sea sickness is usually the most common cruise ship health concern, especially when boarding for the first time. Generally, it depends on the size of the ship, but some people are very sensitive. When I went for the first time, I took some motion sickness medicine just before boarding the ship, and I was just fine for the whole trip. In fact, I don't believe I really needed any, since the seas were smooth for the most part, and the ship was so large, most of the waves had no effect on how the ship moved. On the flip side, on a smaller ship, during a storm, no medicine at all helped me.

    Generally, having health insurance for any trip is a wise choice, and having it well in advance gives travelers a buffer for the unexpected, allowing for time to make any changes if necessary.
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    Tip 1. Take a pouch of over the counter meds for headaches, sea sickness, and upset stomach. Also put in a tube of anti-itch, a tube of triple bacteria lotion, and a few bandaids. This will keep you from having to go to medical and paying a fortune for a pill.

    Tip 2. Get insurance. Your health insurance probably does not cover you in other countries, or on the ship, and it definitely will not cover you being air lifted off the ship.

    Tip 3. For $10 sign up for It holds all your documents, itineraries, and confirmations in one virtual cloud private file and if you need it you can access it from any computer or smart phone w/Internet from anywhere in the world. Don't forget to add an electronic copy of your insurance document.
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    There are nothing to worry about cruising just be relax and enjoy the cruising. If you have motion sickness than take doctor advice and also get the insurance.

    Being in Cruise is not like something scary experience as from my experience. I have enjoyed a lot wish you could also enjoy while you will be on cruise.Safety equipment like life jacket, torch etc. are always on cruise so you don't need to worry.

    Happy journey......
  9. waxtaylor

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    check cruise ship report card

    good tips shared already! the only thing I would remind people is to check the cruise report card...remmeber whenever a few thousand people together in one place, you are bound to share a lot more than a good time! The best reports come from the Vessel Sanitation Program of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
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    Thanks for your advice everyone! So any advice for motion sickness once you get home? I get used to be find when I was on the boat and a mess when I got home. I haven't been on a big cruise ship, just on the lake, so this might be different on a cruise. Frankly, it's why I've stayed away. I'm really thinking that needs to change.
  11. JordanS

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    Make sure you are able to avoid becoming motion sickness otherwise you will have a terrible time. Many people think that just because it is a large ship people don't get sick, but that's not true. If you are worried about that, take a motion sickness pill that should calm yourself. Also, be ready for a lot of food...everywhere! If you are looking to watch your weight, cruising might not be the best option unless you are very disciplined.
  12. wanderer

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    Does anyone know about any motion sickness pills that don't make you sleepy? I usually need a nap if I take those. I'd hate to miss the cruise because I had to sleep!

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