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    we'll be going on our first ever cruise this year and I have a question regarding tipping on-board. when it comes to tipping of cruise ship workers, are you expected to tip?
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    hi there,

    This is very good question because it can be confusing to know who to tip and when. In general, it is expected that you tip your servers during meals, your housekeeping staff and the maitre d'.

    Some cruise ships simply charge a "daily tipping fee" to your bill automatically. If your ship doesn't, expect to tip about $1-$3 per day, per person in your group. You can often have this amount charged to a credit card along with your bill at the end, or you can take advantage of the "tipping envelopes" provided by most cruise ships at the end of a trip meant to be filled with cash.

    Hope this helps
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    It depends actually in which vessel you will be boarding but of course, in any of these vessels that offers cruises, you are not always expected to tip. Only if you are happy with the service or if you like the performance of the staff. At some vessel, the tipping is centralized. It means that all tips are joined together and distributed among the staffs. It means that in a restaurant for example, the people who are not exposed to the passengers, like the chef, will also receive a part of this tip for a job well done. and at some vessel, tips are kept as an individual..

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