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Discussion in 'Cruises' started by LordoftheMings, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. LordoftheMings

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    I was hoping someone on this forum could tell me about tourist visas when traveling on a cruise? Im getting conflicting info from other sources and cruise operators are't very clear on whether passengers need a visa for a cruise. I hold a south African passport while my wife holds an american one, and we're planning a Mediterranean or South American cruise. Do we need a visa?
  2. MisterP

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    The rule of thumb when it comes to knowing if you need a cruise visa is down to your nationality, countries you are visiting and ports of call. Since one of you holds an American passport, you won't need a visa for cruises to the Mediterranean, Caribbean and South America. However, as a South African traveller, you will need what they call "multiple-entry Schengen visa", which has to be issued by the country in which you are planning to spend the longest time.
  3. felinefirend

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    mandatory to have a passport

    A visa always depends on what passport you hold but one thing that I know for sure is that you will need a valid passport in order to do a cruise. I remember a day when as a US or Canadian citizen, we could cruise without a passport...all we needed was a form of photo identity, but now it's mandatory for all cruise line passengers to carry a passport.
  4. fireproof66

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    that's not quite accurate. If you were to take a cruise to Brazil on a south african passport, you wouldn't require a visa for a stay of up to 90 days; while as an American citizen you would need to get a Brazilian tourist visa before embarking on the cruise.
  5. 999-1

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    ask your embassy

    hell there, my advice is to check with your embassy rather than rely on a forum for info regarding visas. Most countries have different visa rules for 'ordinary tourists' and cruise ship passengers. For example, when I traveled to Turkey, in order to get a visa (they call it a 'blanket visa' which is issued to the cruise line) it was mandatory I entered and left Turkey on the same ship. The drawback was that I couldn't spend the night off-ship, and I wasn't even allowed to hang around the port area.

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