Cruises from San Diego

Discussion in 'California' started by Vicolette, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. Vicolette

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    San Diego has a lot going on from Sea World and the San Diego Zoo to the scenic drives and spectacular beaches for diving and snorkeling. It is also a great jumping off spot for cruises to Mexico and the South Pacific. Visitors can also enjoy the cities numerous attractions and take a day-long nature cruise to explore the waters and its residents.
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    go for a cruise of San Diego's harbor

    San Diego is def a goop spot for cruises to Mexico, though it's nice also being able to cruise the harbor on a sightseeing boat or go for a dinner cruise. SD Harbor Excursion (SDHE) is the main operator offering boat trips of San Diego's harbor; while Hornblower offers dinner cruises.
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    whale watching cruises from San Diego

    you could also take the short ferry trip from Downtown San Diego area to Coronado, though crossing the harbor on a ferry isn't very exciting. Best you go for a whale watching cruise because you actually get to go out into the ocean in four to six foot waves. If you prone to getting sea sick make sure you take something though;).
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    A dinner cruise in the harbor would be perfect and a whale-watching excursion would be awesome. There's nothing quite like a leisurely cruise and fine dining or seeing magnificent creatures in their element. The SD port is definitely a jumping off spot for adventure.

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