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    hiya, we're looking to enjoy a cruise of the Caribbean and I was looking for cruise companies that visit the port of Boaire.

    My questions are..How long do the cruises visiting Bonaire last? When is peak season? where is Bonaire port of call? thanks
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    hi there,

    The capital city of Kralendijk is where the island's cruise port can be found. A variety of cruise companies offer cruises that stop by Bonaire, and the bulk of the cruises that visit the Caribbean island of Bonaire last either one week or two weeks.

    When you arrive at Bonaire on your Caribbean cruise, there will be a number of fun excursions to choose from, including popular diving and snorkeling.

    The peak seasons are normally October through April, as most people are escaping the winter months in the northern Hemisphere. This is why the Bonaire cruise port is at its busiest during the winter months.

    If you want to enjoy cheaper prices, travel during the summer months to benefit from better rates.

    hope this helps

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