Cuba opening up to US travelers?

Discussion in 'Cuba' started by wanderer, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    The time is coming soon...I think! It's up to the new Secretary of State, John Kerry, to open Cuba up to travelers from the United States. The opposition to the ban is growing louder and it might be just a matter of time. What do you think? Do you think you'd go to Cuba if you could?
  2. guposd

    guposd New Member

    Cuba has always been opened to US's always been a myth that Cubans hated Americans. It's the dreaded 60 year-old embargo that has to go. Cuba has already relaxed its exit visa that had given it strict control over the comings and goings of its citizens. Traveling to Cuba isn't the only thing I hope the American government does...also legalizing marijuana;)
  3. springbloom1

    springbloom1 New Member

    I have been to Cuba and seen first hand how an embargo on a country can bring it to its knees. I'm not sure Cuba opening freely to the US will make Cuba's citizens better off. Unless the standard of living isn't improved in Cuba, opening its doors means more people coming in to exploit this beautiful country and its people;(

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