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    Destination360 took a trip to Cuba this year, and we've got some terrific new photos and 360-degree virtual tours we wanted to share with you all.

    After flying in from Cancun on Cubana Airlines, we explored the city of Havana to see the Old Town, Capitolio Nacional, the Museum of the Revolution, and Castro's famous Granma yacht.

    Cuba is known for its terrific beaches, especially around Varadero, Cayo Largo del Sur, and Cayo Coco, and we definitely spent our fair share of time enjoying them. We also checked out a lot of Cuban food, which is cheap and delicious, and explored the lush countryside.

    We've added 360-degree virtual tours of several destinations, including Sancti Spiritus and Trinidad, plus links to videos of a smoking plane on the Cubana flight and the Parrandas celebrations in Remedios. Check out our photo arrays on Cuban cigars and how to make a mojito; the high-quality of the Cuban rum makes for some terrific (and memorable) cocktails.

    As legal travel to Cuba from the US is getting easier, it's becoming a more appealing destination to a lot of travelers. If you've ever been interested, check out some of the organized tours that are popping up—you won't regret a visit to this beautiful country.
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    going to Cuba in march

    Thanks for the trip report! my husband and I are planning a trip to Cuba next march so all this info and virtual tours come handy..btw, where would you recommend first timers to stay in Cuba? Varadero, Havana, etc? Also, i heard somewhere that we can use $ to pay for things in that true? if so, how much should we take we us?
  3. krainey

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    It's hard to go wrong, as there are a lot of great places to see. For a first trip, we'd definitely recommend Havana, and we also loved Varadero, Trinidad, Remedios, and Vinales. To some extent it may depend on what you want to do on your vacation. If you're interested in relaxing on the beaches, then heading to Varadero or Trinidad, Cayo Coco, Cayo Largo del Sur, etc. would be best. If you'd rather go bicycling through the countryside, for instance, then you're more likely to end up in Vinales or another town out in the Cuban countryside, which is quite pretty.

    Regarding the money, there are two ways to go: Either bring Canadian dollars or buy a Caribbean Transfer Card. The advantage to the card is your money is more secure in the event of a theft, and you can use cash machines around the country for withdrawing funds. More info and purchase is available here: We didn't run across any place in Cuba that accepts US dollars.

    Hope this helps. Enjoy your trip planning!
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    staying in Cuba

    thanks for your reply Krainey, lots of good information there!
  5. d360

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    Cuban Currency

    If you don't use a Transfer Card use euros or Canadian dollars it's cheaper to change them into Cuban Convertible Pesos (CUCs) than to change U.S. dollars (expect to lose about 10% on every transaction with U.S. dollars). Keep $25 CUC for your departure tax
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    tips about cuba

    d360 is right on the money about using Canadian dollars instead of US dollars!

    another thing I'd like to chime in is that Cubans receive very small wages, so tipping in restaurants is always helpful. As far as other guides, you'll find that people will approach offering services like showing you around town, which is nice. however, they do this in the hope of getting a tip so, if you don’t welcome the service it's best to tell them upfront.
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    Speaking of Cuba, this article has some great advice on how to make a legit trip to Cuba! I have never considered visiting myself, but I just may have to check it out after seeing those amazing 360-degree tours!
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    legally visit Cuba

    I've read the link on legal travel to Cuba though I wasn't aware that Americans were allowed now to travel to Cuba on holiday, though the history between the two countries im a little concerned... what is the reception like? Are American tourists safe and welcome in Cuba?

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