Cuban holidays

Discussion in 'Cuba' started by ladiesdown, Nov 5, 2010.

  1. ladiesdown

    ladiesdown New Member

    what are Cuban holidays all about? is there more to do in the country than visiting Havana and buying Cuban cigars?
  2. Jenna

    Jenna Moderator

    I can safely say that Cuban holidays are more than just visiting Havana, buying Cuban cigars and rum, though of course, you can't go to Cuba and not buy some!:) Havana is a great city to visit and the heart of Cuba. You must spend a few day here alone to soak everything that Cuba is about and stay at one of the casas there.

    You also have many water activities on offer like snorkeling, scuba diving, jet-skiing which you will be able to book with your hotel concierge, should you want to go the all inclusive route.

    I can tell you that it is easier than ever to find Cuba holiday deals, especially if you travel during the off season so go ahead and book the trip!

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