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    Lest you think there's nothing but deserts and meals served by the campfire, Jordan is coming into its own as a modern destination. Amman, especially is embracing modern trends. Culinary tours are popular in Amman with cooking schools, restaurants and tour operator-led food tours.
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    That sounds really interesting. I wouldn't have thought to go to Jordan for a culinary tour. That would be great.
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    Jordan Ottoman influence

    many people going to Jordan dont know it but a lot of the cuisine in Jordan has been influenced by the close ties with Palestine. It’s almost like one country because both countries were very much developed by the Ottomans who brought a lot of culinary influence and culture to the region. That's why you'll see in Amman spice shop after spice shop, butcher’s shop on display and fishmongers everywhere.
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    Excellent point. So if they have Ottoman influences, does that mean Jordan has some similarities to Turkey?

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