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Discussion in 'Curacao' started by DWilliams, Apr 18, 2017.

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    Any suggestions on a ferry trip around Curacao or to neighboring islands. Is there any good ferry company in Curacao that would organize such a trip including food, sight seeing, trip guide etc.,
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    I think you can take a boat trip to Klein Curacao which is located just 15 miles from southeast point of Curacao. It's just a 2 hrs boat trip and a paradise for divers, snorkelers and sunbathers. You can see Klein Curacao's lighthouse from the boat. Then if you go for scuba diving, you can see a nice coral formations and underwater caves. Miss Ann Boat Trips, Bounty Adventures and Mermaid Boat Trips are some of the tour operators and organizing wonderful boat trips to Klein Curacao.

    Celebrity Cruises is one of the popular Curacao cruises and you can enjoy the cruise vacation to Willemstad which is a capital city of Curacao. Check out Curacao Hotels page too if you need any information on the best hotels for your Curacao vacation.

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