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    Just got back from a trip to Argentina and wanted to let ya'll know that all US dollar denominations are acceptable over there. Most people say to bring crispy $100 bills with you to Argentina but my suggestion is to bring smaller notes instead of $100 bills. It's not true that they won't take smaller US$ denominations. By the way, you also don't have to worry about changing your US dollars to Argentinian pesos since the US dollar is accepted in most places.
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    changing pesos back to US dollars

    if you do exchange dollars to pesos, make sure you get a receipt or only exchange when needed. The Argentinian government has made it illegal for non-Argentinians to exchange pesos back to dollars in Argentina so without a receipt that shows that you bought the pesos legitimately you are stuck with the pesos.
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    US dollars in Argentina

    No point in bringing stashes of US dollars, just bring a few hundred just in case of an emergency, but other than that just use ATM's to withdraw pesos as you need them. Don't cash dollars in the streets as you'll most likely get fake notes.
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    greenbacks are king

    US dollars are king in Argentina and much of South of America. I know in Argentina the US dollar (or how they call them there greenbacks) is really sought after so they are sold on the street at a premium rate (around 11 pesos to the dollar)...the legal rate is about 5 pesos to the dollar, which is what you'll get when taking money out of a cash machine in Argentina.

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