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Discussion in 'Illinois' started by Vicolette, Dec 27, 2012.

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    Folks making their way to Chicago on vacation have several free events to check out. At the Chicago Cultural Center, you can see the Chicago Landmarks Before the Lens exhibit featuring 72 b/w photos of historical areas. This event runs through Dec 2020. Also at the center, artist Claire Ashley innovative pieces of artwork will be on display through March 31, 2013.

    New Yorker artist Tom Bachtell's work is featured at the City Gallery at the Water Tower with an array of recognizable caricatures from politicians to famous celebrities. Through February 24, 2013

    Through May 31, 2013, stop by the Cultural Center at 12:15 for a free music jam with DJ's and if your feel like ice skating, make your way to the McCormick Tribune Ice Rink at Millennium Park. Through March 10, 2013 weather permitting.
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    Wow, it's funny to think about 2020. That sounds so far away. Anyway, did you know that you can also skate inside of the John Hancock building in the wintertime? It's not free, but you can't beat the views since the rink is 1,000 feet high! It costs $6 for a session on top of the admission to the Hancock Observatory.
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    I remember back in 1968 when the movie, 2001: A Space Odyssey was released and thought, wow, that year is just too far in the future! Then in 1984, 2010: Space Odyssey was released and it, too, seemed way too futuristic. The 1900's had us in a time warp!

    Folks will definitely get a fantastic view atop the John Hancock Observatory. Another ice skating option is at the Navy Pier's Winter WonderFest going on through January 6. Lots of activities, indoor Ferris wheel and ice skating. Loads of fun for everyone!
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    more free events in Chicago

    There'll be plenty more free party events and music this New Year's Eve at John Barleycorn from 9pm, and on January 6 next year, there'll be ZooLight at the Lincoln Park Zoo. Basically, every year, Lincoln Park Zoo decorates its grounds and trees with funky lights and offers ice carving demonstrations, a holiday express train, and other cool activities for everyone.
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    The ZooLights presentation looks like a beautiful, sparkling magical wonderland! I was asking in another thread where some of the favorite zoo's are located in the US. I'd definitely add Lincoln Park Zoo would to the list.

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