Darien Gap

Discussion in 'Panama' started by John1836, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. John1836

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    Anyone been to the Darien Gap? I want to take that trek next summer.
  2. Andrew

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    Yes, I did a tour at Panama few years back with my 2 friends and been to the Darien Gap, really we experienced the most adventure trekking trip in the jungle area. The Darien Gap is located 325 kilometers from Panama city and we went by car and took a boat to El Real which is the closest town of Darien Gap park. We had a full day 7 hours trekking trip in a muddy, steep & slippery slopes. Darien Gap is a land bridge for North and South America and has 2 national parks namely Darien National Park and Los Katíos National Park. The Darien National Park is the largest national park of Central America and has many things to do & see including bird watching, sun bathing in the sandy beach, hiking and even you can take a boat trip along the river. For bird watchers, this Darien National Park is a paradise, especially the "spiritu Santo Gold Mines" which is located in the center of the park is a famous site for bird watching. Accommodations are available at Rancho Frio and some lodging facilities are also available in the ANAM stations located at El Real. If you are planning your trip this summer, then visit before April because Panama has the perfect weather between Jan-April to enjoy the Darien Gap trekking as well as the Panama beaches. So plan accordingly and have a nice time at Panama!

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