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Discussion in 'UK' started by davidblumenson, Sep 11, 2012.

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    Hi everybody,
    My name is David Blumenson. I want to make a tour to England with my family.I reside in USA so I have no idea about famous places in England and I am confused.Would you please help me by telling me name and location of famous places in England.

    Thanking you.
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    touring England

    hey buddy, England isn't as small as people say. where are you planning to stay and for how long? I can tell you that most of the top places to see in England are located in London (the capital). Buckingham place, Big ben, Maddam tussauds, Tower bridge, etc. Stonehenge is also very visited but tbh i wouldn't bother much about seeing it because it's just a pile of rocks (quite literary).
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    Hey David, I agree with atalantakO. There are lots of beautiful destinations to be explored in England, the major question which arise is for how many days you are planning to go?
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    Hi David,
    England and Wales have some of the best sandy beaches in the world. Dorset, Devon and Cornwall are three counties that have an earlier spring and a longer summer. East Norfolk and North Norfolk are favourites as are the beaches and stunning hilltop walks in and around Tenby in Wales.
    However, British weather is fickle and temperatures much lower than in Europe. There are some great sites in Scotland but that's a whole different holiday. Lochs, mountains and beaches but weather tends to be wetter than England.
    We did have some lovely summer days during 2012 as the Olympic Games footage will testify. May, June, July and August should be the warmest months. Just had a week in Wales during early September and it was lovely and sunny. Now it is end of September and very Autumnal.
    As others have said you cannot do justice to England in a day. London is just a small dot on the UK map. There are indeed some great city places to visit as well as quaint villages, countryside and the seaside. There are plenty of places to go walking and lots of historical stately homes and gardens.
    If you are taking a gap year then try to be in England in its warmest months and if doing Europe note temperatures can be too hot there mid summer, depending what you are used to that is.
    Hope you find the answers you are looking for and that you have an enjoyable trip should you choose to come and visit us
    Best Regards

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