Day of the dead dia de los muertos

Discussion in 'Mexico' started by helpme, Sep 28, 2008.

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    hi all, my trip to Mexico is in late October and I'm very much interested to see the Day of the Dead festivities. Which is the best city in Mexico to expereince this DAY OF THE DEAD DIA DE LOS MUERTOS. Have anyone been there, if so share your expereince and suggest some tips about this Mexico event. any info. will be appreciated.
  2. Andrew

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    Throughout Mexico,Day of the dead dia de los muertos is held in the first week of November and this festival is celebrating to remember ancestors and people who have died. As far as I know the Mexico City & Cancun are very popular to take part in the Day of the Dead festivities. I visited once to Cancun during this celebration and made reservation in Cancun hotel two months before, so if you are looking for accommodation then visit Cancun hotels page to find a good place to stay.

    When I was in Cancun, the city was filled with people from worldwide and the colourful decorations were really amazing. Mexicans gathered at cemeteries with big bands play and exchanged toys & sweets in the shapes of skeletons and dead skulls. In many of the areas, banquets were laid out in cemeteries and everyone was wearing dead masks and costumes related to the death and honouring their dead relatives. It was really one of the best event of Mexico to spend our holidays. I really enjoyed the customs of this Day of the dead dia de los muertos, hope you too!
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    Dia de lost muertos is is a big deal in Mexico, and it's coming soon. Andrew gave a great answer, but I a'll add a plug for Ocotepec, Cuernavaca. I don't know if it's safe, but the town the often comes up when talking about Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico. This small town holds Mass and special events throughout a two week observation. Food is a big part of the celebration, and visitors are welcomed to join in.

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