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Discussion in 'Lesotho' started by abba9, Nov 21, 2012.

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    hey guys, I'll be traveling Johannesburg and Durban in February and we are pondering the idea of taking a day trip to Lesotho. Lesotho is part of South Africa, am I correct?

    What would be the best way to get there from Johannesburg or Durban? Also, is possible to travel there independently or is it best to book a tour of some kind? any ideas please?
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    Lesotho is located within South Africa but it is actually a country. At such, you will need to obtain a visa (if you're from UK or US), which you can get from the Lesotho High Commision in South Africa, though it will take 3 days to be issued. It's probably best you get it in advance before you travel. Either way, it'll cost around $110.

    As far as taking a day trip to Lesotho, Durban will be the best place to do it from. You can hire a guide tour on a jeep, which will be best. No way, I'd advice to do it yourself if you aren't familiar with the country or language.
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    visa to Lesotho

    hi, thanks for quick reply! i was wondering is there a particular reason to do the day trip from Durban? and how much would tours cost? also, on the issue of the visa..will it cost less if I apply for the visa back in the UK?
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    Driving through Lesotho

    Most people that visit Lesotho do it by road but make sure you hire a 4x4 vehicle because roads are very rugged. Best way to get to Lesotho is from Durban where you can take the N2 road through the Eastern Cape, around the bottom of Lesotho and enter over the Makhaleng Bridge to Mohale's Hook. Be sure you spend at least a week in's an amazing country with wonderful people and culture.
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    first impressions of Lesotho

    Man, getting into Lesotho is a breeze when compared to South Africa...once you get into Lesotho you'll be blown away by how beautiful and pristine the place is. Lesotho was the highlight of my trip to South Africa, yet it's hard to believe that Lesotho is within south Africa because it feels like being somewhere else in the Continent. The people there (Basotho people) are so welcoming and the way they act is different from South Africans in general...

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