day trip to Naga

Discussion in 'Philippines' started by 3april, Jan 17, 2013.

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    hello peoples...while in Manila im planning to do several day trips and Naga will be one of them. Can you guys tell me if I will be able to pre book bus seats before I get there? if so, which is the best bus to use (air con or non-air con?). Also, what's the trip like and how long does it take?
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    As far as I know, you cannot book bus tickets online... you basically have to show up at the ticket office on the day and buy the tickets. I am assuming you'll be departing from Manila? if so, the trip from Manila will take over 10 hours but it is pleasant and comfortable on the new/modern buses like Isarog, Philtranco or Cagsawa.
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    bus trip to Naga

    The aircon buses are ok during the hotter months of the year but all buses nowadays are comfortable regardless of air conditioning. You can travel by day or night (most pinoys prefer to travel at night) but as a tourist I suggest going by day to enjoy the scenery. Also, remember it's a long trip so take advantage of every stop the bus makes to use the toilet. Most buses dont have toilets...
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    day trip to Naga by train

    there's also the train and flying as other options. The Bicol Express train runs a service between Manila and Naga City, which is safe and has male/female bathrooms, running water and comfortable air-conditioned sleepers/ seats. The reclining seat with air con is about $15 (540 pesos); while the economy seat is $10 (400 pesos).

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