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Discussion in 'Washington DC' started by Enyoying, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. Enyoying

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    we'll be going to West Virginia and DC this 4th of july and I have pretty much a good idea for our itinerary of things to visit, though not sure about the International Spy Museum? is this attraction a miss or a hit?
  2. Jenna

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    The International Spy Museum has lots of great information regarding history of spies and lots of cool cold war items on display, so if you are a lover of all things James Bond you will absolutely love this place.

    I have been to DC Spy Museum twice now, and the only draw back is that you have to pay to get in. I mean DC has so many free museums so I was at first resistant to pay the admission fee, though after been there I can tell you it is worth the price and it's more fun than you may anticipate.
  3. The Travel Slut

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    I just did the spy museum in November and was a little disappointed after having visited the Smithsonians and the Newseum (loved that).

    I think you really have to love the details of the spy game to appreciate it.
  4. mitraveler

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    I adored the Newseum too. But I have a hard time telling people to go there since it's not free...and it's pretty darn expensive. I would say about the Spy Museum that it's worth taking one of the walking tours the Spy Museum offers. They really enhance a visit and introduce you to a side of Washington, D.C. you may not know about.
  5. felipeL

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    International Spy Museum in DC Washington

    the International Spy Museum is fun place to go with the family and worth paying the $20 admission fee. It's true that DC has many free museums but none are as much fun as the Spy museum. I suggest doing the one-hour version but it's a fair amount of walking - it really did take us about an hour or a little more - but it's a fun way to walk around the area immediately surrounding the museum.

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