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Discussion in 'Jordan' started by oneoldone, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. oneoldone

    oneoldone New Member

    hi all, my family is visiting the Dead Sea region in late December or early January. we haven't been able to find much info on this region, but, heard it's winter, what would be the day temperatures and water condition, will it be too cold to go for a quick float? Is it possible to visit the interesting sights in the Dead Sea region in one day? thanks for your advice :)
  2. trasfg

    trasfg New Member

    I was there in 2003 and the water was a very chill, but not too cold for a quick dip in the Dead Sea, it's an amazing experience, just try it.
  3. beachboy

    beachboy New Member

    hello, In January the Dead sea weather would not be sunny and will be very cold, because the January is the coldest month. The temperature values vary between 10°C and 20°C. You can only float in the sea, don't do even a dip. The water is so heavy with salts and if you dip, your eyes will get itchy. The water is warm enough for the float, so better float.
  4. nightflower

    nightflower New Member

    I want to be there. So nice. Can you stay afloat on the water?
  5. ashleycameron

    ashleycameron New Member

    I heard been there. Its really awesome place.

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