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Discussion in 'Las Vegas Hotel Deals' started by marii, Aug 7, 2009.

  1. marii

    marii New Member

    First of all i just wanna say that i just the forum and i think it's amazing!
    There is a lot of really useful information here.
    THANKS to everybody for keeping this up!

    I also wanted to ask, i'm going to Vegas with a bunch of friends on Jan. 15th - Jan.18th to celebrate my birthday.
    I was wondering if there are any good deals out there at the moment.

    Also, is there a 'better date' for me to book these?

    Please, let me know.

    Thanks in advance,
  2. Ruby

    Ruby Guest

    Hi Marii and welcome to the forum,

    Bellagio is offering new promotional deal where you can stay at the Bellagio Hotel for as little as $90 but you must book your hotel reservation more than 2 months in advance.

    You can find Las Vegas Promo Codes for the Bellagio Hotel here.

    Promo code: B25SUM
  3. markwoodhouse

    markwoodhouse New Member

    this is a great deal on the Bellagio actually...Also, this promotion has the same prices as the “Escape to Relaxation from $90″ promotion.

    Marii, if you are planning to stay for 3 nights on your trip, you might want to consider booking on their Buy 2 Nights, Get 1 Free promotion.

  4. marii

    marii New Member

    Wow, thank you sooo much for the great answers.
    I'm definitely looking into those right now.

    Let me know if you know about any other offers as well as some recommendations for clubs, buffets, etc..

    Thanks once again!
    Much appreciated!
  5. marii

    marii New Member

    I just tried the website with that promo code it gave me an error. :(
  6. VacationBuddy

    VacationBuddy Administrator

    Hi Marii,

    Here it is some more Las Vegas Promo Codes:

    New York New York Promo Codes - FREE NIGHT!!!
    From - $79.99! - Book 3 nights accommodations in one of our gorgeous rooms or suites and get the lowest night FREE. NOVEMBER - JANUARY only. Promotion Runs November 8, 2009 - January 28, 2010
    Promo Code: 342WEB (Exp January 30, 2010) Las Vegas Promo Codes

    Mirage Promo Codes - 3rd Night Free
    From - $104.99! - Stay Two Nights, Get the Third Free, Complimentary Night will be the lowest rated night of stay and will be deducted at check-out Promotion Runs November 8, 2009 - January 31, 2010
    Promo Code: PSFLINGH (Exp January 31, 2010) Las Vegas Promo Codes

    Hope this helps
  7. Ruby

    Ruby Guest

    Hi Marii,

    I checked out the promo code and you're right, it does give you an error, so sorry about that.

    I found another promotion deal for the MGM Grand -Fall for Vegas and they have deals for as little as $80 a night during January 2010.

    When you visit the link below, select the 'View all available dates' calendar and select the month you're traveling to Vegas. Then you can see the room rates they have for each day.

    Las Vegas Promo Codes

    Here it is the Promo Code: MKT288, in case you need it.

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