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    hi people!

    has anyone camped in delaware state parks? i'm looking on the net but can't find any grounds. i believed you could camp out in the state parks, do you know where we could camp out? cheers
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    Hi there,

    The most popular spots for camping are found on the eastern edge in places such as the Delaware River, the Delaware Bay, or the Atlantic Ocean.

    The best places to experience Delaware nature is in State Parks although not all State Parks offer camping facilities.

    Cities like Wilmington offer area parks such as Rockford Park where the interesting Rockford Tower is found and the Brandywine Creek State Park where you can enjoy the Nature Center.

    One State Park that does offer camping facilities is the Lums Pond State Park located close to the town of Bear. It offers sports facilities, hiking trails and a freshwater pond where you can fish.

    Killens Pond State Park is also a great place where you can also enjoy outdoor activities such as fishing and hiking and offers cabins you can rent out.

    The G and R Recreation Area and Campground is probably best of both worlds as you can either tent, rent a cabin or staying in your RV.

    Hope this helps
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    Delaware Seashore State Park has a host of campgrounds and cabins, plus you get the added plus of staying by the ocean. the state park is home to some of the most popular beaches in the state. When you stay at the park, you don't have to worry about parking or beating the crowds. You're already there in the morning!

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