Delicate Arch

Discussion in 'Utah' started by d360, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. d360

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    I'd recommend this as a must see at Arches National Park. Delicate Arch at sunset is a stunning destination just be careful walking around the area. Where everyone sits and getting to the the arch itself is a potentially dangerous walk. As you can see from the Delicate Arch Virtual Tour
  2. future2back

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    Delicate Arch is worth the trek

    did you just got back from Arches? I went on a hike last week with my buddy to see Delicate and it was super hot... we thought about turning around like some folks did but Im glad we didn't. It was amazing! I can't really put into words how awe-inspiring this place feels. the funny thing is that Im actually afraid of heights but I did manage to survive it;)
  3. Jenna

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    virtual tour of Delicate Arch

    hey Dan, I checked out the virtual tour of Delicate Arch, it's quite stunning!
  4. findthelock

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    Delicate arch is exhausting

    I visited Delicate arch last year and I remember the hike up the hill taking nearly two hours...quite exhausting but worth it. I highly suggest that you visit in the evening when the sunset is approaching to save you from the intense heat...oh by the way, it's great virtual tour of the arch whoever made it.
  5. ferrisBrueler

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    Delicate Arch trail

    I also second that Delicate Arch is the star attraction in Arches National Park! I loved meandering along and climbing this huge rock formation. The trail is seriously strenuous but anyone can do it...I saw kids and senior citizens alike on the trail.
  6. wanderer

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    Delicate Arch is truly amazing. I love that you don't have to be an outdoor warrior to visit.
  7. moviemagic

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    beautiful arch

    nice virtual tour of the arch...just how I remember it! I also recommend Delicate arch when in Utah...the climb is hard but once you get there it is all worth it. oh, watch out when walking on the slick rock to get right up to the arch, it's fairly dangerous and slippery without rubber soles.
  8. d360

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    and don't forget a headlamp for the way back down if you stay past sunset.

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