Delray Beach Hotels

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  1. Retorica!

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    Planning to visit Delray Beach? I recommend staying at either Colony Hotel or Cranes Beach House. Both are lovely hotels but with their amenities.

    For instance, the Colony has a cabana club with a salt water pool; while Crane's has pretty pools which makes it one of the most popular Delray Beach hotels. As far as access to the beach, Crane's has better access to the beach, whereas at Colony's you have to drive or take free shuttle to beach.
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    visiting Delray Beach

    Delray beach is great when there's some kind of art event happening. It's a small little town but great for weekend getaways too as it's peaceful and pretty. if you're using car hire, I suggest parking in the garage off of the Public Library as it's just $5.
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    South Ocean boulevard hotels

    Definitely go for one of the hotels right on the ocean along South Ocean boulevard so you can enjoy the awesome views of the ocean. Writght by the sea and crane's beach are good options as they're within walking distance to restaurants, the supermarket, etc.

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