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Discussion in 'Iowa' started by travelgeek, Jul 22, 2008.

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    Hi, I want to catch an early flight in Des Moines airport, so suggest a cheap and best hotel near the airport that offers shuttle service to the Des Moines airport? Thanks!
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    The Hampton Inn airport hotel is one the best choices and it's located near Des Moines international airport and downtown Des Moines. They offer complimentary shuttle service to airport, so book your room online. Des Moines, the capital of Iowa is an exciting place to visit and some of the other Iowa hotels which are located near the Des Moines are Radisson hotel, Heartland Inn and Fairfield Inn & suites, so just compare the rates through their sites and choose the one which meets your needs. hope this helps!
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    Video Cameras in Europe
    My fiance and I will be traveling to Europe for three weeks in September for our honeymoon. We are considering bringing a video camera to record some of the sights and sounds of Europe. For those of you that have done it: is it worth it (is video taping allowed at most sights) or is it too much of a hassle to bother with? Thanks.
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