desert safari in Dubai

Discussion in 'United Arab Emirates' started by SimpleMinds, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. SimpleMinds

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    hello, this year we're planning to head out into the sweeping desert of Dubai for a much awaited desert safari tour. Id like to get the load down if possible..i mean, your experiences, and how to choose the best tour operator, etc..thank you!
  2. Ruby

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    I've been on a desert safari in Dubai so I can give a good picture of what to expect and how to choose a tour operator.

    Basically, when choosing a desert safari in Dubai, you should first decide what time of day you want to go. since you can do the desert tour in the morning, the afternoon or at night.

    I chose the morning tour and I think you should also if you want to avoid the extreme temperatures of the afternoon.

    Either way, you'll be doing sand skiing and dune bashing on a 4X4 jeep speeding over miles of massive sand really is cool so you'll love it!

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