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Discussion in 'Canada' started by hkabalican, May 16, 2008.

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    How far is Butchart Gardens from the Vancouver airport and what is the easiest way to get there. We are coming from a cruise which does not stop at this garden, scheduled to arrive at Vancouver at 8:00, wants to stop at Butchart before heading home to Los Angeles. Is this possible????

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    This trip is possible from Vancouver airport but you will have to take a ferry ride on the way to the Butchart Gardens. Fr om the airport you will need to drive twenty-five minutes Tsawwassen-Swartz Bay ferry where you will embark on a ninety-minute cruise through the Gulf Islands to Vancouver Island, BC.

    When the Ferry finally arrives in Swartz Bay it is just a twenty-minute drive through the rustic and charming countryside to Gardens.

    I hope this helped.
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    You will probably need at least a good day or two if you want to come by ferry from Vancouver to Victoria and experience the gardens to the fullest.

    If price is no object, you can save a bit of time and take a plane to Victoria and then just hop in a cab for 10 minutes to get to the gardens. This option might cost you a few hundred dollars, but in my opinion, if you are not going to have another chance to see the Butchart Gardens in the foreseeable future, definitely do it.. its worth it.

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    I bet the flight to Victoria is amazing. Nice photo!

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