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Discussion in 'Las Vegas Restaurants and Buffets' started by annaparks, Jan 8, 2007.

  1. annaparks

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    Hey all,

    Anna Parks here..

    My gals and I have gotten together to deliver an all access page for Las Vegas and more...I have jaunted down my favorite places to eat with real and honest experiences!

    check it out! I will post the link soon

    Lots of Love!
    Anna Parks
  2. twize

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    Hey, I think your favorite Las Vegas dining experiences will help us on my tour to Vegas in August. Can you please help me with your experiences to get good food in Vegas? Thanks in advance.
  3. jerzy07

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    Just wanted to put in my two cents, Found a Great Italian Resturant on Flamingo Road Norras, it's a little place across the street from Westage Resorts. Just walk in a take a deep breath and enjoy!!!!!

    Hope you have a great Time.


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