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Discussion in 'China' started by wanderer, Oct 16, 2011.

  1. wanderer

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    For those of you who don't like the hassle of changing flights and long can fly direct from Los Angeles to Beijing. Air China just added a second flight each day, using the big and cozy 747s. Next year, they'll replace them with the brand-new 777s. Check out more about flights to China here.
  2. killuminapi

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    Air China is the the only international carrier that provides nonstop flights to Beijing from Los Angeles, though Air China also serves New York, San Francisco and Vancouver. This move is definitely great for both Chinese citizens in California and the west coast.
  3. wanderer

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    Agreed! Anytime you can make a direct flight rather than a bunch of layovers, it's much easier. It will be good for families and anyone who just wants to visit China.
  4. orion000

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    Re: Direct flights vs layover flights

    it's always best to get a direct flight if possible even it costs more. I'd avoid layovers like the plague because with a layover flight it means mean there is an additional chance for weather and airport delays, a second chance for the airline to lose your luggage, and another opportunity for a border control clerk who just had a fight with his spouse to take it out on you.
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    Los Angeles to Beijing flights

    Im not surprised about Direct flights to/from Los Angeles with China since Los Angeles China's largest trading partner. Also LAX is the only US airport to offer nonstop services provided by China's three major international air carriers: Air China to Beijing, China Eastern to Shanghai and China Southern to Guangzhou.

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