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Discussion in 'Indiana' started by Vicolette, Sep 28, 2011.

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    Holiday World in Santa Claus Indiana is the place for family fun-filled vacations. Children and adults will enjoy hours of entertainment with an assortment of roller coasters, water rides, and shows. For a great deal on admission prices, did you know the park has several options to purchase discounted tickets? From May through October, the park offers a variety of discounts based on a specific month, day, time, and height. Senior citizens along with firefighters, police, EMS, and military personnel get a discount. You’ll receive a discount if you bring a Pepsi can or Bunny Bread wrapper to the ticket booth and if you order your tickets online, you get a discount. So next time you plan to visit Holiday World or if it’s your first time going, be sure to take advantage of the discounted ticket price options.
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    Holiday World best in midwest

    Yep, Holiday World in Santa Claus Indiana has the best splashing water park in the Midwest..I prefer it to the mega hyped Wisconsin Dells, or even Dollypark. Holiday World is reasonably priced, and they even offer free unlimited soft drinks, and free sun screen. Admission price is about $40 for all of these which makes it such a great spot for an inexpensive day out with the gang!
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    Do y'all know how long this park is open into October. I've always wanted to go here. When I was a kid, I saw commercials for Holiday World and it sounded like a lot of fun. What else is there to do there?
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    Holiday World/ Splashin Safari

    Holiday World is a nice place for families...We took our young kids and our teenagers last month and It was still great being there despite being low season. It is a perfect size for everyone young or old, and it won't cost you an arm and a leg like Disneyworld! Holiday World also has a water park called Splashin Safari which is where most people spend their time. It's fairly busy in August so the lines will be a bit long so, my suggestion would be to go into the theme park from 1 to 4 pm and the water park the first hour and the last couple of hours.
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