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    A true wonderland for snow enthusiasts. Kopaonik was noted as "one of the best ski destinations in Europe" by the BBC. Take the cable car to Pancic's Peak for panoramic views, visit World Heritage sites, explore the Studenica Monastery- a 12th century wonder. If your new to snow sports, there are plenty of skiing or snowboarding classes available in Serbia..
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    different to skiing in Austria / France

    Kopaonik is a good ski resort in Serbia and also very affordable, but the only problem is that is about 5 hours bus ride from Belgrade. It is a bit of a mission to get to but well worth it for beginners and intermediates. The resort centre is pretty compact but has a really nice atmosphere...if you are looking for a different experience to skiing in Austria / France Kopaonik is the place for you!
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    When it comes to skiing in Serbia it comes down to Kopaonik or Zlatibor, though Kopaonik is probably the best in Serbia because it's the only ski resort with variety of slopes, artificial snow machines and ski lifts. The slopes vary from easy (blue), to medium (red), and hard (black). There are also baby tracks. Also, if you're interested, there are licensed ski-schools (you can take group or individual classes).

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