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    Las Vegas is known for its eccentric, flashy and ritzy night life. Whether you want to impress a client, are looking for a place to dance and meet some new and interesting people or just need a calm place to relax with a drink, Las Vegas nightclubs should be on your top “list of things to do in Las Vegasâ€.

    Las Vegas is THE city of all cities for clubbing. Sin City is the place to be for an exciting evening filled with many surprises. There a variety of different types of Las Vegas nightclubs that you can find your way to. For a night full of dancing and drinking, it is recommended you try JET, Studio 54 or Rain. If you want to impress someone important, such as a client, so they can go home and share their ultimate Las Vegas experience, take them to the TAO, Moon or PURE. For more of a mellow, tranquil place to have a drink at the end of the night, try the Tryst.

    Discover the Las Vegas Night Life in these Las Vegas Nightclubs

    · PURE: Visit this Las Vegas nightclub and chance running into a celebrity. However, be prepared to spend a lot of money! It is possible to spend under a thousand; however, many have spent from $20k to $50k for one single night! This is the first destination you will see on The Strip. It is 36,000 square feet, which is equivalent to three venues in one! It has a sexy aura to it and has its own DJ and sound system.

    · TAO: This Las Vegas nightclub is quite a unique experience. As you enter the TAO, you are welcomed with lingerie-clad models that are painting henna tattoos on each other. In a bathtub, there is a nude model with rose petals strewn along it. Walk outside on the terrace for a view of the Strip. Visit the Temple room, Emperors Ballroom and one of the eight private sky boxes with mini-bars and a bottle service.

    · JET: This Las Vegas nightclub has three sections that make it the place to dance in Las Vegas! It has a techno and trance floor, a hip-hop room and a main room that has VIP tables. JET offers creative cocktails at its four full service libation bars. Its sound system combined with its top quality lighting proves to make your night one to remember!

    · Studio 54: Exquisite lights and eccentric music mix makes this Las Vegas nightclub an experience you will never forget. This club is only for those of you ready to party all night long! The atmosphere in this Las Vegas nightclub is highly energetic. Studio 54’s signatures are their “wall walkers†and dancers twirling above the bouncing dance floor with confetti falling all around you. This is the ultimate party experience!

    · Tryst: The signature for this tranquil and serene atmosphere is its 90 foot waterfall. Although the atmosphere is calm, people enjoy sitting at the 70 tables located near the dance floor, especially those tables near the stripper pole! If you are not up for dancing, sit back and relax in the martini and champagne lounge down stairs.

    The nightlife in Las Vegas is incredible! The glamour and bright lights that Las Vegas is known for can be found in these Las Vegas nightclubs. These are only a few of the many Las Vegas nightclubs you can experience.

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