Disney Cruise Line 2012 Sailings

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    Here are more details about the changes that are making Disney even bigger and better. They've had great success sailing to the Bahamas and the Caribbean, and now they're adding sailings to Europe and a new port. Beginning at the end of the year, they'll be departing from Miami.
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    Disney Cruises has new sailings

    that's great news for folks from the states wanted to get to Europe any other way besides the plane. According to Disney Cruise these new sailings will start in June 2013, for the duration of the 3-month cruise season.

    Ports of call will include Barcelona, Venice and the Greek Isles. You can expect to pay around $800/person for one of these sailings.
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    Disney Cruise itinerary for 2013

    what took disney so long to do this? glad to hear the new itinerary for 2013...I also heard that disney is planning to return to Alaska on the Disney Wonder in May next year for its third season, and this time they will embark from a new home port in Seattle.
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    Disney's 2013 European cruise season and rates

    Just to update those of you planning a Disney cruise for next year...Disney is offering different types of itineraries and destinations, from a 4-night "Mediterranean Getaway" to a 12-night cruises visiting places like Venice, Italy, and the Greek Isles. Rates start at around $800 per person for 4-night cruises, around $1,000 per person for 7-night cruises and $2,200 for 12-night cruises.

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